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Hey Hula

about the program Hey Hula is a parent-child hula hooping event led by world-class dancer and hooper Gabrielle Revlock. We

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Coral Creations

about the program Coral Creations is a painting experience led by a world-class, gallery quality artist. Our featured artist, Nikolina

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Magical Drinks

about the program Magical Drinks is a beer-tasting event combined with a drinks-themed illusionist show by wizard Dom Chambers of

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Tortilla Night

about the program Learn to make scrumptious flour tortillas and fill ’em up with mouth-watering deliciousness under the tutelage of

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Ha Ha Yoga

about the program Ha Ha Yoga, our own light take on this ancient mind-body practice, combines a world-class yoga teacher

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about the program Espionage is a virtual game, the premise of which is that corporate spies from a prominent competitor

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