Hey Hula

about the program

Hey Hula is a parent-child hula hooping event led by world-class dancer and hooper Gabrielle Revlock. We will use the hula hoop as a tool to activate both body and mind, cultivating neuromuscular awareness, playfulness and generating lots of laughter and giggles. The event will include games, skill training and impro- visation. We will learn the difference between on-body hooping and off-body hooping, learn cool tricks and have a spontaneous and creative blast. Prior to the event, we will send a pair of high-quality hoops to each parent-child pair. The event is suitable for children ages 6-16 and for adult children of all ages. No dance or hula experience is needed.

meet your program leader

Gabrielle Revlock


Gabrielle Revlock is an award-winning dancer and choreographer. She is known for her work with the hula hoop and her inventive, rambunctious, and mesmerizing choreography. She has presented at American Dance Festival, New York Live Arts, The Barnes Foundation, Center for Performance Research, and many other venues, and has danced around the world. She has performed for Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, jumatatum. poe, Susan Rethorst, Leah Stein, Christopher Williams, Vicky Shick, Bill Young, and Jane Comfort. Gabi is also the creator of Restorative Contact, a mindful touch-based empathy practice and her signature mix of cardio and play called JoyTime.

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