The Steak Out event is a culinary experience where each participant cooks a fresh steak dinner to perfection under the guidance of a professional chef. Prior to the event each participant will receive a package with premium rib eye steaks in the mail along with an accompanying instruction set and ingredient list. Participants will then cook their steaks live along with our world class chef and then enjoy a virtual dinner together. The event runs for approximately 90 minutes.

We offer vegan, fish and kosher options as well, and an optional paired wine add-on.

or go crazy over the top with...


Each participant will receive a boutique wine that complements the steak dinner they’ll cook during the event.


Each participant will cook a steak dinner for two under the guidance of our world-class chef.

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While participants Wine and Dine, we will bring on a freestyle, improvisational rapper to entertain them with interactive, customized rap.


Base Event


(for up to 50 people)

(For larger groups, contact us for pricing)

Participant Package

$100 + Shipping

Optional Steak Alternatives

Pricing for the Steak Event includes the Base Event Fee plus a per participant Package Fee.


Shipping Charges

Optional Add-Ons

chef yankel polak

Chef Yankel Polak has worked in the food industry since prehistoric times. He worked his way up from shucking oysters (way too many in a shift) to executive chef of a restaurant group where he ran five restaurants simultaneously (and was likely present in each one at the same time always – don’t ask, he’s powerful). Chef Yankel is currently the Head Chef of new age meat shipping company Butcher Box. He’s also a Krav Maga black belt which gives him the unique distinction of being an expert at manhandling both live and dead meat.

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