The Harvard Club

of Long Island

invites you to an exploration of the chess of

The Queen's Gambit

Monday, September 20th at 8pm EST

As Seen On Netflix

Join two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, Jennifer Shahade, on Zoom as she leads us on an exploration of the chess of the hit Netflix Series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and answers all your questions about it (like: are chess masters always so stylish? Ummm…. maybe).

You absolutely DO NOT need to know how to play chess to enjoy the program (kinda like the series itself, you know).

Jen Shahade is a rock star and renaissance woman. Jen is a two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, the Woman’s Program Director of U.S. Chess, a poker player and poker championship winner, and an author of three books.  She finds time to host a chess podcast called Ladies’ Knight and the GRID poker podcast.  Oh, and she’s a mom too. 

Jennifer Shahade

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The Queen's Gambit

Monday, September 20th at 8pm

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We hope you’ll join us for this exploration of the chess of The Queen’s Gambit from this hot Netflix series with US Women’s Chess Champion Jen Shahade, chess celebrity and master of the game.

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