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I believe that life is too short to take seriously. Billion dollar mergers are great but in 100 years no one will have any memory of this world-changing transaction. Let’s work well but not forget to laugh and not get carried away with the urgency of all of it.

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Hey Bill Moore’s friends! I’m Joseph Gerstel and I run GetSomeClass. I can’t say I made even non-equity partner like Bill, but I put in my time as a tax attorney at Davis Polk (tax attorneys can have personalities too, okay?!) before jumping off the billables to do something creative. 

My mission with GetSomeClass is to warm up law firms just a bit by adding more fun & laughter, wisdom and wise work practices to the mix. Connect with me on LinkedIn and LMK if you agree or just share your lawyer journey! 
You may also be interested in my podcast Winding Paths, on former lawyers doing interesting things (that could be you!). 
Shoot me an email at [email protected] to say hello – I’m always happy to hear from fellow lawyers on the journey!